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RMNJ Accident Solicitors : cost free compensation claims
Click me for more DetailsRMNJ Accident Solicitors are based in Birkenhead and handle Accident Claims nationwide, from simple Road Traffic Accidents to complex cases involving injuries of the utmost severity. If your life has changed in any way because of injury that wasn't your fault, we can help make things better. If you have had an accident and need our help just ask, we’ll do the rest." Simply call us now on 0151 647 0000 or visit us online at" Click Me
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Rallying-Neuville on course for victory in Rally Sweden
Rallying-Hyundai fill top three slots after day one in Sweden
Motorcycling-Rossi turns 39 as MotoGP tests in Thailand
Motor racing-Lowe expects "ugly" halo effect to wear off quickly
Motor racing-Russian rookie Sirotkin will surprise, says Williams
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MotoGP 2012: The British invasion
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The Following information can be found on cruisewirral forums..
Members car Makes Fastcar Magazine
Click me Read MoreCongratulations to aggy making a feature in Fastcar.....
Car Modifications and Insurance
Click me Read MoreWe all know that insurance is that thorn in the side for petrolheads and maxers alike,
but what does every1 on here do about it? Do you declare your mods? If so what insurance companies are ok about them?
I mean some members have got seriously moddded motors, is it all declaired with your insurance?
Just thought i'd see what everyone does about insurance etc, i know mine is a killer and its only a 1.6 16v "standard"... Find out the results by registering on our forums...
Tax Disc Fines in the Post
Click me Read MoreTax Disc Fines in the Post Thousands of drivers who failed to renew their tax discs will be receiving an unwelcome surprise in the post - an ?80 penalty - under a new enforcement scheme. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) says 97,000 penalties are being issued to UK motorists whose discs expired at the end of December. Until now an untaxed vehicle only led to a fine if it was spotted on the road, for example by a police officer. Ex-owners who fail to notify the DVLA, register to read more....
Which Oil - Fully Synthetic Oil ?
Click me Read MoreIf I want to put fully synthetic oil in my VTR, do I have to flush out all the semi-synthetic first?
Or can I just top up with the fully synthetic?
Mobil 1 is used in race cars around the world ? NASCAR, Formula 1, endurance racers, you name it. Here are some comments from some of the top drivers and race engineers who rely on the protection of Mobil 1. "We really want to push everything to the limit, and without the best oil
Register for the tech info on oils..
Clocked Doing 480 mph....
Click me Read MoreA driver was clocked speeding in her ageing Austin Maestro at an amazing 480 miles an hour. Joanna James, 28, was sent a fixed penalty ticket after a drive on a 30mph road in Bridgend, south Wales, in her 14-year-old G-registration runabout, bought for just ?100. Ms James, from Port Talbot, was amazed because she knew her car could not barely manage 48 mph - let alone 480mph. The speed is faster quicker than supercars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis,
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