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December News Letter
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Welcome to News Letter
December 2006

Merry Christmas everyone from
Admin - Moderators - Members
All the best for the New Year
See you all in 2007
Car of the year winner 2006
Congratulations to Tupac and his Nissan 200sx
We have come to the end of the voting and Tupac walks away
with cruisewirral's trophy shield for 1 year. His name now to be engraved in history
and joining the list of distinguished members from the past. Well Done to Tupac
as members decided with 51% of the votes in his favor and the car of course.
Big thank you to Duttons Independent Repairs for there prize of a Free
MOT for our winner. Congratulations to everyone who entered this year.
Flames of Thunder - Santa pod Review.
This was the best thing i have ever seen in my life lol! It was brilliant!
The Jet cars are my fave..the noise is like nothing u have ever heard before! We were in the grand stand, and that is the best place to be if u want to get the full effect so i would defiantly recommend getting a ticket!
Terry Grant - OMG how amazing is he! He was absolutely amazing! We got a brilliant spot to watch him, he did all his stunts..
he changed the tire on his little car (i don't know what it was) while it was spinning round! The Jet car this year burst into flames, no one was hurt
but the car was written of for the day if not the weekend and a few months
afterwards. An amazing day and so glad i went.
Rolling Road (5) Peco - Review.
Once again, and amazing day with Peco as we sorted the men
from the boys, and some exciting and unexpected results.

Congratulations to Big Cos in his Ford Lighting for taking
the max BHP on the day, but it was close.

We now have a full database with all our rolling road results
to view and sort in the orders you wish to view them.
Check our forums for Rolling Road 6 and our cruisewirral Discount
which is almost half the retail price on the day.
View all the Results - Click me
19th Nov : Krooztelford Review
Had a very good night last night the cruise was very good with some very nice motors with a nice friendly feeling to the hole night. The lad drifting (trying to drift) the r32 was good to watch how the police didn't turn up n nab him i don't know wasn't off the limiter much. And hats off to the lad in the E36 325 trying to drift a open drifted car did a good job but must of drove home on the rims There was a very nice looking rx7 lambo doored fto great looking 350z nice r32 great looking focus with a nice tidy engine bay. Read my review on our forums...
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This has been along time in coming but a re-vamped gallery with all our images,
you can now view the top ten galleries, and the most recently visited today.
We have moved our images to a sub domain so now to get there just type
We hope you enjoy the new look and feel to our gallery.
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with every accepted referral. You don't even have to be
a registered member.
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Last time i looked this pic was Top 10 1st Place.

We now have a babe Top 10 for you to vote on
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Merry Christmas everyone.
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