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Acoustic Shelf
A replacement for your vehicle's existing parcel shelf which can house the rear speakers,
hidden from view.
ABP - Active Black Panel
Unique head unit design which involves a double faced panel.
The front panel (boasting a giant display) opens to reveal comprehensive controls
Adjustable Direction Tweeter
Many standard speakers can play high frequencies, but because of where they may be positioned the listener may never hear them. Since high frequency sound is very directive and speakers are not always placed in the best position, it makes a lot of sense to have a tweeter which can be angled towards the listener's ears. An adjustable direction tweeter can enable an adjustment, typically between +/- 15°, in order to direct sound to the listening position.

An antenna which receives radio transmissions. Can be external or internally mounted.
This system inks high performance components via a high speed bus,
providing greater sound quality and control convenience, plus easier system upgrading
A security feature which, when triggered,
activates an internal system to emit sounds through the internal speakers with the dual purpose of repelling an intruder and attracting attention of other people in the surrounding area.
A unit, separate or integrated into the head unit or changer,
which considerably intensifies the power output from the media player, bringing a noticeable improvement in tone and dynamic quality of the reproduced sound, particularly for bass frequencies.
ARC - Automatic Reception Control
The ARC system increases sensitivity and improves FM reception.
ASL - Automatic Sound Leveliser
While driving, noise inside the car changes frequently depending on driving speed and road conditions. The digital ASL uses DSP processing to monitor the varying noise level and automatically adjusts the electronic volume and frequencies to mask the varying exterior noise.
Incorporating both sound and pictures, e.g. a television or navigation system.
Auto Metal
A system which automatically detects the composition of a cassette tape,
enabling it to use the appropriate playback levels to produce optimum sound quality.
Auto Reverse
A cassette drive mechanism which plays both sides of a cassette tape automatically,
without the need for the driver/passenger to manually turn the cassette at the end of one side.
Auto-Flap Mechanism
Auto-Flap uses a mechanism which ensures smooth and quiet operation.
At power-off, the panel goes automatically to the "open" position and the holder returns
once the panel is removed. It turns automatically to the "closed" position after thirty seconds.
Aux-in (auxiliary in) allows the attachment of external sound sources
through a standard 1/8" DIN plug, to be listened to through the unit and ultimately the vehicle speakers.

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Balance B
Adjusts left and right speaker output,
particularly useful to centre a lone driver or to be between the driver and passenger.
Low sounds, as produced by, for example, bass guitars, drums, etc.
For best reproduction, an amplifier - built in or a separate unit - is normally required.
Bass Engine
Functions that provide enhanced bass and greater bass management
Bass Engine Plus
A combination of functions
that enhance bass and offer extremely fine control over bass and total tonal response
Bass Engine Pro
Advanced technologies and functions
that provide the equivalent of a highly sophisticated digital signal processor right in the head unit
A sophisticated technology that creates realistic sound fields
with richly detailed that is remarkably free from distortion
BMS - Bass Management System
The BMS greatly enhances the bass control effect and its operation.
The parametric equaliser with adjustable boosting level (typically +6 dB/+12 dB)
effectively boosts the low frequency range, typically from 50 Hz to 100 Hz.
When used together with a compatible head unit,
you can control it from the head unit for greater convenience.
Houses a subwoofer speaker and computer designed
to match a particular speaker, enhancing its resonance.
This is where two channels on an amplifier can be combined
to make one more powerful channel to operate, for example, a subwoofer.
Best Traffic Programme Auto Search
automatically finds the strongest traffic programme in the area where you are driving.
BSM - Best Stations Memory
BSM scans and memorises the strongest, clearest stations available on each band.
Built-In Amplifier
The unit comprises its own amplifier to power speakers in the car,
achieving superior sound performance without needing a separate unit.
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Card-Type Remote
A conveniently slim card type wireless remote
Widely used in the 1980s and 1990s, but less popular today due to the superior sound quality of CDs and MiniDiscs, contains magnetic tape, which proves far more susceptible to wear and damage. However, these have the advantage over CDs of being widely both recordable and re-recordable and inexpensive. Fewer and fewer such systems are now produced as newer, higher quality media has found favour.
CD - Compact Disc
A small, optical disk usually containing recorded music or computer data.
Non-magnetic, robust and widely available, the massive market leader in pre-recorded audio.
CD Text
In systems equipped with compatible head units and CD changers, you can enjoy the convenience of CD text data display. Disc title, song title or artist information can be viewed in the head unit display. Convenient auto-scrolling (on selected units) allows you to scan all the information easily.
Cellular Telephone Auto Muting

This feature automatically reduces the volume of your system
when an incoming call is detected or you dial an outgoing call on a cellular phone installed in your car.
A unit which can hold more than one CD or MiniDisc and automatically switches between them as required. These require a compatible head unit - for example, if you have a Kenwood you will need a Kenwood changer - you'll have a problem if your current head unit is not CD/MD changer compatible. Changer Controls
Controls an external CD/MD auto-changer/slave unit.
2 x Channel
Used to run two speakers, may also be bridgeable to run a subwoofer.
4 x Channel
Used to run four speakers, e.g. two front and two rear speakers,
or possibly to run two front speakers and the other two channels bridged to run a subwoofer.
5 x Channel
Designed to run a whole system, i.e. two front and two rear speakers, with the fifth to run a subwoofer. Co-Axial Speaker
A full-range speaker containing a tweeter in the middle.
Component Package
A component package comprises a separate mid/bass speaker and tweeters.
This setup is supplied with the relevant crossover to filter the correct frequencies
to the appropriate speakers.
Component Speaker

Contains two or more component parts in the same speaker unit,
e.g. tweeter and mid-range. See 2- and 3-way.
A unit which channels appropriate frequencies to the correct speakers, e.g.
high treble to tweeters, low bass to subwoofers.
Custom Fit Speakers
Designed to easily slot into the cut-outs of the original units installed at the factory. In most cases, no modification will be needed, except perhaps the use of a spacer. These models have no grilles, since they should be available as part of the car interior.
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D Base - Dynamic Bass
D Base allows powerful dynamic bass reproduction. Three bass boost steps can be selected
D Boost
D Boost gives you the control you need to make any car or speaker configuration sound just the way you want it. It features five different pre-set equalisation settings (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Easy and Flat), letting you customise the sound to match your taste and the type of music you're listening to.
D Boost+

D Boost+ gives you more control, with four additional speaker compensation settings,
so you can further customise the sound based on your system's speakers (OEM, 6"x9", 5" and Flat).
D BoostPS
Models with D BoostPS give you even more options to modify the sound
- in addition to D Boost+'s features,
D BoostPS lets you select between 10/12.5/15/17.5 Hz frequency centre points for treble adjustment and between 60/70/80/100/150 Hz frequency points for bass - each of which can be adjusted by +/- 12 dB. You can also adjust the Q factor settings for the bass between 1/1.25/1.5/2.
There is even a Bass Expander mode, where the Q boost curve is expanded 25%, but only on the low side of the centre point, avoiding the "boomyness" of a wide Q.
You can save any setting in six different user pre-sets and instantly recall it.
D Mask
A security feature whereby the front panel of the head unit can be removed
and either taken away from your vehicle for safekeeping or reversed to hide the unit from view.
D Mask+
An advanced security feature whereby the front panel of the head unit revolves fully automatically to conceal the unit from view. Also features Mask Key, whereby if the unit were to be stolen, it would be completely useless without the corresponding miniature electronic key, featuring extremely long multi-digit codes and sophisticated encryption. The front panel is also removable for full security.
D/A - Digital/Analogue - Converter
Converts digital sound, as found on CDs, MiniDiscs, etc.
into analogue sound which can be played back through speakers.
DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting
As with digital television, digital radio is intended to eventually replace existing fmFM and AM transmissions. In addition to CD-quality audio without interference from high congestion and multi path propagation, and with no need for re-tuning when travelling long distances, DAB also has the ability to carry text and graphic data, including Internet pages!
N.B. Units described as "DAB Ready" are merely designed to operate with separate DAB-capable units, rather than having that functionality built into them.
Dashboard Displays
Many new cars now come fitted with a dashboard display which gives clock, temperature and head unit information. Changing the factory fitted radio normally means the loss of head unit information from the display. However, with certain specific units, station information or CD track numbers are still displayed. See Also: External Display.
DBE - Dynamic Bass Emphasis
DBE boosts a specific lower frequency of a CD without masking the clarity of the overall sound.
This gives the benefit of enhanced bass response with clear definition.
DHE - Digital Harmonics Enhancer
DHE analyses and optimises harmonic elements of the music for enhanced bass,
better imaging and more distinct dynamics
Digital Compression
This useful feature digitally controls the dynamic range of CDs by increasing the level of quiet passages which might otherwise be lost against the background of environmental noise and decreasing the level of loud passages, so that the overall level of the music is within a comfortable listening range. This can be especially appreciated when listening to classical music.
Direct Sub Drive
A unit with Direct Sub Drive is able to be connected directly to a subwoofer
without the need for a separate amplifier.
Direct Track Access
Direct Track Access allows you to access track 1 to track 12 quickly at the touch of a button
Disc Naming
Allows you to store the titles of your CDs and even the tracks on them. Some head units allow you to scroll through the name of each disc in your changer and programme your own play list.
The visual presentation, usually involving LEDs
(light emitting diodes) or a small LCD (liquid crystal display) panel.
The leading noise-reduction system incorporated into most cassette systems.
Dolby B
A noise reduction system used with most pre-recorded cassette tapes.
Dolby B improves the signal-noise ratio by greatly reducing background hiss.
Dolby C
An improved noise reduction system usually found on home recording cassette decks.
When Dolby C cassettes are played back with Dolby C engaged, the signal-to-noise ratio is even better than Dolby B performance.
Door Build
A custom-built housing used to install speakers into a vehicle's doors
where this is not possible with the original design/layout.
Double Size DIN
DIN E is the standard European size for a head unit. Some Japanese cars come with a double DIN unit, for example combining a cassette/tuner and CD player, that is twice the size of a normal car stereo.
DRIVE - Dynamic Resolution Intensive Vector Enhancement - Technology
With Kenwood's exclusive DRIVE technology, your CDs will deliver crystal-clear fidelity. Located at the front stage of the system, the DRIVE circuit greatly reduces the quantisation noise from small signals. In combination with special low pass filters, extra-high resolution equivalent to twenty bits is obtained. Thanks to the bitstream-type D/A converter, you can enjoy the lowest possible distortion and even smoother sound reproduction.
DSO - Dynamic Sound Stage Organiser
Virtual sound elevation of car speakers mounted at foot level. Based on innovative 3D virtual sound technology, the sound stage is lifted up to ear level for transparent sound and excellent staging in your car environment
DSP - Digital Sound Processor
A DSP uses technology to correct a vehicle's acoustics. Additionally, the system offers various sound fields to recreate the effect of different listening environments in your car (studio, jazz club, etc.).
Dual Cone
A speaker designed to play all frequencies while specialising in none.
Dual Illumination
This allows you to switch the button (and display) illumination
between green and amber at the touch of a button
Dual Mags
High-energy neodymium magnets and an advanced repulsion magnetic circuit reproduce high-quality sound with a clear mid range and solid bass response. Featuring improved magnetic circuitry, the four-layer voice coil delivers powerful bass sound with reduced loss of magnetic flux density. The result is reproduction of wide and dynamic sound with greater power throughout the flat frequency spectrum. The pearl-mica injection-moulded cone not only boasts an attractive coloured cone surface, but also features extreme rigidity to eliminate unnecessary resonance.
Dual Zone Control
This enables simultaneous playback of two different sound sources for the front and rear of the vehicle. For example, you can listen to the radio through the front speakers and, using the aux-in adapter, play your in-car multimedia through the rear speakers.
DVD - Digital Versatile Disc
Appearing the same as a CD, a DVD has far more storage and, thanks to this, can include video and other data content - such as a blockbuster movie with additional audio/visual features on a single disc.
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EEQ - Easy Equaliser
For the maximum in customised in-car sound, Pioneer developed the EEQ system. It is so flexible and easy to use and an incredible advancement over traditional bass/treble adjustments! Choose one of the four preset curves or the three-band parametric equaliser curve (available separately for each source). For convenient system setup, the source level adjuster allows audio level adjustments by source, for smooth switching between sources. The front image enhancer concentrates high frequency signals at lower volume levels, giving more natural sound staging. EEQ results in a supremely advanced, fine-tuned audio experience.
EON - Enhanced Other Networks
A service available on many RDS tuners which, when selected, will interrupt whatever radio station you may be listening to to transfer to a traffic report from a station on the same network (e.g. switching to BBC Local Radio traffic reports from BBC Radio 1).
Integrated 7-band equaliser for seven defined centre frequencies.
Can be adjusted individually to achieve a customised sound field according to personal preferences
A unit which allows you to separately adjust the different sound frequencies to achieve your desired levels of bass, treble and various points in between. Many have pre-set combinations designed to best suit the music you may be playing, such as "pop", "classical" and "jazz".
Ergo Switch
The tactile switch offers an improves sense of control and ease of use
ESP - Electronic Shock Protection
Data read from the disc is held in a temporary memory buffer and reread several times. Even if the laser pickup is disturbed by a severe bump in the road, the unit does not misread any information and therefore does not skip.
External Display
Information from certain head units can be duplicated on an optional "heads up" display, which has its own reflector and can be fixed on the dashboard or ceiling of the driver's compartment. display data can then be viewed with greater safety. Adding optional sensing units will expand display capabilities to include compass direction, battery voltage and temperature.
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Adjusts the front and rear speaker volumes in inverse proportions,
perhaps allowing parents in the front to talk while their children in the rear
enjoy listening to the latest music.
FM - Frequency Modulation
The highest quality radio transmissions until DAB began to be introduced, with far lower levels of interference and far better sound quality than previously found on Medium Wave (MW)/AM or other transmissions.
FM Modulator
This converts the CD signal from the CD changer into an FM signal that can be received and played by your FM tuner. Simply install a CD changer system with an FM modulator and tune to the specified frequency - requires no modification to your existing head unit.
Front Image Enhancer
When a driver wants to bring the sound focus forward to give a clearer sound image in the front of the car, ordinary faders turn down the rear speaker output, reducing their sound dynamism. The front image enhancer cuts off the high frequency signals to the rear speakers and moves the sound focus forward electronically, without attenuating the dynamic bass response. This gives the driver a crisper, clearer front sound image.
Full Dot-Matrix Display
An innovative fluorescent display that is clearer and displays more sophisticated characters and graphics than conventional dot matrix LCDs (liquid crystal displays). Text scroll and response are smoother and quicker. When time is displayed, the digits can roll vertically like a slot machine or an odometer. The spectrum analyser can sometimes be displayed as an oscilloscope. For cruising at night, the display can be dimmed by a series of steps, for just the right amount of brightness.
Full Logic
Full logic cassette decks require feather-touch, electronic control buttons as opposed to mechanical buttons that require greater pressure and are, therefore, subject to greater wear and tear. The electronic control allows for such other features as programmable music search - where the fast-forward button is hit twice, the cassette fast-forwards two songs.
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Graphic Equaliser
An equaliser with a display showing a graphical representation
of the various frequency levels being adjusted and set.
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Head Unit
A display/control/functional unit fitted into the vehicle dashboard, which may contain a tuner, CD, MiniDisc, cassette player, etc., as opposed to most changers and some other units which require location elsewhere in the vehicle, e.g. in the boot or under a seating position.
High Pass Filter
Separates sound frequencies so that, for example,
only high frequency sounds are sent to a tweeter for reproduction
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ICE - In-Car Entertainment
The broad term encompassing all of the various components of in-car audio-visual systems.
A unit designed to fit into existing slots in your vehicle's dashboard
or to replace an existing unit already in place there.
Infra-Red Compatible
This means the unit can be worked by a remote control obtained as an optional extra.
Also used to refer to the physical connections from output devices, e.g. head units, amplifiers, etc. 4v Input
4 volts is the voltage rating to an amplifier from a head unit.
Most head units output 2.2 volts, but the higher the voltage is, the greater the power.
Input Level Control
Most amplifiers nowadays have input level control, which is adjustable
over 4 (or sometimes 6.5) volts of input signal.
Such amplifiers can take signals from high-voltage head units or line drivers without any clipping.
ISO Connector
ISO connectors allow for easy, error-free hook-up to most cars available in Europe.
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Loudness Button
This will boost the low frequencies.
See speaker.
Low Load Impedance Capability
Allows the parallel connection of two speakers to a standard single speaker connector without risking damage to the amplifier which would otherwise be caused.
Low Pass Filter
Separates sound frequencies so that, for example,
only low frequency sounds are sent to a subwoofer for reproduction.
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Mask Key
An additional feature of the D Mask+ system whereby if the unit were to be stolen, it would be completely useless without the corresponding miniature electronic key featuring extremely long multi-digit codes and sophisticated encryption.
MBP - My Best Sound Position
MBP provides easy sound adjustment at the touch of a button
MD - MiniDisc
A small recordable disc, which, whilst being magnetic, is not susceptible to damage from magnetic sources in the way that standard audio and video cassette tapes are, minidiscs are digital, portable, recordable and virtually unshockable, allowing you to record and travel with your music.
MDLP - Mini Disc Long Play
New feature that expands the capability of a regular 80-minute mini disc
to a maximum of 320 minutes of digital music
Mid Range
These are speakers designed to reproduce mid range frequencies
lower than a tweeter and higher than a woofer/subwoofer.
A screen for displaying video content. For in-car systems this is usually a flat LCD
(liquid crystal display) panel, due to space limitations.
A single, unseparated stream of sound, as opposed to stereo or other multi-phonic streams.
Mono Amp
A single channel amplifier designed to run subwoofers.
MOSFET - Metal Oxide Semi Conductor Field Effect Transistors
MOSFETs add outstanding characteristics for audio power amplifier applications
A format for storing audio, involving highly compression of CD-quality sound, allowing large amounts of audio content to be stored, for example, on a portable smart card or recordable CD (MP3 playback available on certain CD systems only).
A general term covering the various types of media encompassed by in-car
(and other) audio-visual systems, including games consoles, DVD players, video, TV, etc.
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Whether it's used to help you find your route when you don't know exactly where you're going or to help you avoid heavy traffic and other hold-ups, navigation systems are understandably one of the new areas in in-car electronics, fast gaining a wide take-up, due to the obvious benefits and the ease of use of these systems.
News Interrupt
Using the news interrupt feature, it is possible to listen to another source while waiting for a news programme to start. Once the FM news programme starts, the tuner will automatically interrupt your current programming with the news programme. Note: this feature will only work when the FM tuner is tuned to a station which correctly implements RDS PTY News.
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OEL - Organic EL - Multi-Colour Display
An OEL display delivers high contrast, moving 3D images. The light-organic material is placed between two electrodes; when electric power is applied to the electrodes, light is emitted. The display's smart functionality lets you control and confirm play source operating information at a glance and usually provides plenty of space for text, for lists of tracks, discs or other data from MDs or CDs.
Optical Output
Optical Output allows the digital signal to be transmitted between components
via fibre optic cable, maintaining absolute signal purity
Also used to refer to the physical connectors leading from the head unit to speakers,
equalisers, amplifier or otherwise onwards.
High Voltage Output
To provide a high output to your amplifier, Pioneer has built a special high voltage pre-amp circuit yielding no less than 4 volt non-clipping output to the pre-out terminal. Such a high output voltage means the power amplifier does not have to work so hard to produce sufficient gain to give high volume levels. As a result, even a low-gain power amplifier can be used, giving excellent sound quality with low noise.
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Phono Connector
See RCA.
Power Slide
The addition of a fan on top of the amplifier has improved cooling efficiency.
When heat generation exceeds the threshold level, the slide panel automatically opens to reveal the fan and controls that are normally hidden to provide optimum control of the amplifier.
You can open or close the slide cover manually or, when used with a compatible head unit, you can control the open/close operation from the driver's seat.
An audio connection on your media system (source unit) to either an amplifier or intermediate unit,
such as an equaliser, rather than a direct connection to the speakers.
PSM - Preferred Setting Mode
This gives you control over the sound characteristics and general settings
PTY - Program Type
A function, available on selected RDS systems and supported by an increasing number of radio stations, which allows searches for stations broadcasting specific programme genres, such as news, sport, rock, pop, etc.
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Q Factor
The frequency range affected by boost
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A general term used for transmitted Audio content. Usually FM or AM/Medium Wave are used, although DAB is intended to eventually supersede these transmissions. Whilst not incorrect to use the term "radio", units which receive and play back radio transmissions are generally referred to as tuners.
Radio Intercept
When switched on, this function will automatically play the radio
when the cassette is being fast forwarded or rewound.
Radio Text
An added feature on certain units, this enables the display of the track name, etc. being played on the radio. However, only a limited number of stations transmitting in the UK currently support this.
A specific type of connector, generally used for pre-amplifier audio and video connections.
RDS - Radio Data System
A system provided by numerous radio stations,
including additional digital signals to include features such as EON and PTY.
Hi-Speed RDS
Building on the original success of RDS, the "non interruption philosophy" has been incorporated into the Intelligent RDS tuner for improved network following (NF).
Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, the different programme alternative frequencies
are screened out and continuous, uninterrupted listening pleasure is achieved.
See tuner.
RFP - Removable Front Panel
The front panel can be removed at the press of a button.
Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, it leaves an uninviting target for potential thieves.
RFP Alert
RFP Alert is a feature unique to Pioneer head units. When the front panel is removed, a highly visible flashing LED warns would-be thieves that the system is protected. If the car is broken into, the would-be thief is driven off by a piercing warble tone alarm which is played through the speakers. The alarm is deactivated when the front panel is replaced.
Rotary Encoder
The rotary encoder features positive click and smooth operation.
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SCM - Sound Control Memory
This allows you to apply a pre-customised EQ to the music depending on its type
See display. See also monitor.
SHDB - Super High Definition Bass
Designed to maximise the performance of normal, full range speakers.
This results in powerful bass at all volume levels and crisp, clear treble
See Acoustic Shelf.
Shock Resistant Memory
Data read from the disc is held in a 10-second temporary memory buffer.
The signal is read out of the memory continuously.
If the laser pick-up is disturbed by a severe bump in the road you won't miss a single beat
Signal-Noise Ratio
The maximum possible ratio of the music/audio signal to the basic noise. Measured in decibels, the higher the value, the better the quality of and sound reproduction obtained from the equipment.
Slave Unit
A playback unit which needs a compatible controller.
For example a CD changer which needs controlling through a compatible in-dash tuner or other unit.
Slave-Type Add-Ons
For owners of cars with two DIN slots in the dashboard, there is the easy upgrade path of slave-type in-dash add-on units that can be mounted in an unused DIN slot.
Source Level Adjuster
The source level adjuster compensates for different volume levels of CD, cassette and tuner sources, by automatically adjusting to the preset levels when you change from one source to another.
Of course you know what a speaker is, but they come in all shapes and sizes, different power levels and different sound ranges. For more details, check out the Blue ICE Guide to Speakers.
Speaker Level Input
You can add a power amplifier to your existing system and enjoy more dynamic car audio sound. By using the speaker level input function of the amplifier, the music signal can be picked up from the existing speaker wiring and routed to the extra power amp for amplification to drive higher power speakers. For users who are looking for more bass, there is the option of a powered subwoofer with speaker level input capability. If a head unit does not have a pre-amplifier output, it is still possible to input from the head unit to he amplifier. The outputs are run directly from the head unit's speaker outputs and connected into the speaker input.
Spectrum Analyser
The spectrum analyser gives you a dynamic indication of actual music energy
Stealth Shelf
A superior acoustic shelf, designed and manufactured to have the same appearance as the original parcel shelf it replaces.
Steering Remote Control Adapter
With a steering remote control mounted on the steering wheel, you no longer need to reach for car audio controls in the dash. All major controls for car audio operation are at your fingertips without your hands leaving the steering wheel. That feeling of anxiety when your eyes leave the road and search the head unit for the right button is a thing of the past. More than just a convenience, this upgrade is an effective way to improve driving safety. Steering remote control adapters allow you to continue using the existing steering remote switches even when the head unit is replaced with a new one.
A dual stream of sound, with separated "left" and "right" streams, which can be balanced to seemingly centre the sound around the listener. Often used more generally describe an audio system, as all current models are, at the very least, stereo-enabled systems.
The lowest frequency speaker used in a multi-speaker system,
used to provide clear and resonant bass sound reproduction.
Subwoofer Output
This is an RCA pre-out designed specifically to run directly into a subwoofer. The unit will then offer the facility to adjust the output to just the subwoofer.
Sure Track System
Data read from the disc is held in a temporary memory buffer and reread several times. Even if the laser pickup is disturbed by a severe bump in the road, the unit does not misread any information and therefore does not skip.
Swing Design
The front panel swings down for access to the loading slot and can be set at any desired position . System Es+
System Es+ minimises low-frequency distortion from full-range speakers and maximises efficiency and clarity of the built-in power amplifier and pre-out. Because of the incorporation of low pass filters and a phase-inversion switch, it is possible to output only low-frequency signals to the pre-out terminals for the external amplifier that drives the subwoofer, while the selectable cut-off frequency accommodates any type of subwoofer. With System Es+, these controls can be adjusted from the head unit.
System Q
provides five pre-set equalization settings based on music selection (rock, top-40/pop, jazz, easy, and flat) and three based on speaker type. These two types of presets can be combined to create a wide variety of response curves.
System Q EX
Provides five pre-set equalization settings based on music selection (rock, top-40/pop, jazz, easy, and flat) and three based on speaker type. These two types of presets can be combined to create a wide variety of response curves.
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High sounds, for example vocals, cymbals, etc.
Tri-Mode Operation
Tri-mode operation enables three channels to be run from a two-channel amplifier. It is possible to run two rear speakers off the amplifier and also bridge those channels to run a subwoofer.
Tube Woofer
The tube-type speaker enclosure reproduces richer bass sound and the large concave centre cap effectively eliminates unwanted distortion.
A unit for receiving and playing back audio and/or audio-visual transmissions. In its most common form in in-car systems, this is a term used to refer to a radio receiver.
These are small speakers designed to reproduce high frequency (treble) sounds.
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VAP - Virtual Access Panel
New head unit concept which delegates all operating functions to the infra red remote control. The absence of the usual dials and buttons allows for a giant display that stretches over the full width of the head unit
Versatile Link
Allows audio or video components to be connected directly to the head unit
Graphics/pictures - either still or moving. Such a system is almost always actually an audio-visual system, with audio being assumed as the accompaniment to television/video/DVD content.
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A single tweeter dedicated to treble frequencies and a mid/bass range speaker.
A single tweeter dedicated to treble frequencies,
a mid-range cone and a woofer dedicated to bass, all comprised in one unit.
These are large speakers to reproduce low frequency (bass) sounds.
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